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Sections of Fujimoto & Partners

Patent Sections

The Patent Section at Sun Group works to secure patent rights for our clients through effective patent prosecution and enforcement. The Patent Section also prepares invalidity, non-infringement, right to manufacture, and patentability opinions, and lodges reexamination requests with the JPO, and has participated in numerous invalidity and patent infringement proceedings in district courts around Japan. The Patent Sections' attorneys are accessible and eager to work closely with inventors and/or clients so that their intellectual property needs are met. For global corporations, patent specifications are drafted to meet the examination practices of the leading industrial countries of the world to obtain strong foreign patent rights for applications filed abroad.

1st Patent Section (Chemical Field)

Leader: Hiroaki Nakatani, patent attorney

2nd Patent Section (Mechanical, electronics Field)

Leader: Ikuhisa Taniguchi

3rd Patent Section (Mechanical, electronics Field)

Leader: Akira Kitada, patent attorney

Design & Trademark Section

The Design and Trademark Section is responsible for providing trademark and design services for our clients. This includes developing trademark and design protection strategies; preparing, filing and prosecuting design and trademark applications in Japan; preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark and design oppositions and cancellations; as well as services related to licensing and enforcement of trademarks and designs.

International Section

The International Section supports both domestic and foreign clients who wish to secure patent, design, or trademark rights in foreign countries. This Section is responsible for drafting patent, design and trademark applications in various languages, and in a manner that is tailored towards the legal writing practices of each different country. The International Section interacts with our associate firms in different countries in order to stay informed of IP developments abroad.

Patent Legal Section

The Patent Legal section is responsible for enforcing the intellectual property rights of our clients. Specifically, this Section drafts expert testimonies, represents our clients in IP-related disputes, negotiations and litigation cases, and other IP-related legal matters. The Patent Legal Section at Fujimoto & Partners is well known for having effectively litigated more than one hundred cases in cooperation with the general lawyers (bengoshi) affiliated with our firm.

Leader: Noboru Fujimoto, patent attorney
Staff: In-house patent attorneys, associated lawyers and specialists on international legal matters

Management Section

The Management section provides business and accounting services at Sun Group. In addition, this section implements the firm's information technology services so that the latest intellectual property-related information can be provided to our clients over the Internet.

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