About our firm

Fujimoto & Partners was founded by Mr. Noboru Fujimoto on April 1, 1974 to serve local enterprises located in Osaka area. The Firm took a unique strategy by developing reliable relationships with them, based upon which the Firm proposed client's business plans to enable them to smoothly start, continue or expand their business activities. This unique approach to local enterprises through client's business-oriented service became gradually known.

The Firm has continuously expanded its legal services to support various companies including major and global companies. Patent attorneys and staff with various technical and legal backgrounds have continuously joined the Firm, contributing its steady growth. As a result, Fujimoto & Partners has gained a good reputation through its patent application prosecution particularly in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronics, computer technology and computer software and design and trademark application prosecution, as well as negotiation and litigation.

To adjust the Firm's services to a new era or more properly and effectively support enterprises that confront the changing environments, the reshaping of the firm led by the partners of the firm is in progress. The Firm will more actively and positively support local and global enterprises through the client's business-oriented services in the 21st century.

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domestic and international clients,
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