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We, Fujimoto & Partners, always focus on what we can do for our clients and what matters can contribute to our clients' benefits through tight communication with them, and strive every day to develop an ideal organization that is capable of providing strategic, highly sophisticated and high quality services, instead of a conventional organization aiming at simply receiving a large number of applications from clients in an inactive manner.

In line with the above approach, Fujimoto & Partners has the following 10 major features.

01.Intellectual Property Right Mixed Strategy and Clients' Business Income
We always focus on how we are to enable our clients to produce corporate benefit and how we are to act to produce corporate benefit, and mix the intellectual property rights (patents, utility models, designs and trademarks), based on which we propose and practice the multidimensional intellectual property right mixed strategy well aligned with corporate business. Only the rich experiences in these services can realize such an intellectual property right mixed strategy.
02.Providing Consistent Services for Intellectual Property Right
We provide One-stop IP service, which includes providing programs for human resources development in IP field, performing patent, design and trademark searches before clients' developing or marketing of new products, preparing patent and design maps, prosecution of patent, design and trademark applications, and in addition thereto, providing services for IP disputes, IP litigations, IP-related legal matters (legal advice, contract) and IP-related consulting services.
03.Handling the Case by Patent Attorneys Having Deep Knowledge in IP laws, Technologies, Brands, and Various International Matters
We appropriately assign our patent attorneys to each case based on their professional knowledge and experiences in specialized fields of technology and laws, such as prosecutions of patent applications, design applications and trademark applications, and various international matters. In some cases, we deal with special legal matters in cooperation with our associated attorneys at law.
04.Producing Merits Resulting from Integrated Services Provided by IP-Related Search and Information Analysis Company and the IP Law Firm
We act integrally with Nets Co. Ltd., the searching company, to provide valuable resources enabling our clients to easily find the patentability of the invention and develop patent filing strategy based on the search result on the invention provided by us before filing a patent application. Through this service, our clients can eliminate the necessity of separately ordering patent searches, and make a decision by themselves on the necessity to file a patent application and hence develop highly sophisticated and high quality patent filing strategy.
05.Services Enabling Reduction of Load on Clients to File Patent Applications by Our Patent Attorneys or Expertise with Rich Experiences in Drafting Applications Based on Only the Clients' Explanation on the Invention
Our patent attorneys constantly have a so-called patent development meeting with the inventor or staff of IP Department from the initial stage in development of technology or product to find a patentable matter through face-to-face discussions, which enables the inventor or staff of IP Department to eliminate the necessity to prepare a detailed invention report.
06.Collection and Analysis of Prior Art Documents for Information Provision, Opposition, Trial for Invalidation, Infringement Proceedings
Services of Nets Co., Ltd. and Fujimoto & Partners provided through our integrated system enables collection of evidences to be accompanied to the Information Provision proceeding for the examination at the Japan Patent Office (JPO), opposition, trial for invalidation, infringement proceedings, analysis on the searched result, developing countermeasures or proceedings before the JPO or the IP high-court in a comprehensive, efficient and speedy manner.

The worldwide IP information network developed by Nets Co., Ltd. surely increases the chance of collection of known information or relevant prior arts, or materials for invalidation, which are useful for infringement proceedings, IP-related disputes, etc.
07.Rich Experiences in IP-Related Disputes and IP-Related Litigation Cases
Fujimoto & Partners is one of the top IP law firms in terms of the number of IP-related infringement lawsuits (both civil and criminal cases) handled by the Firm, which already reached over 130 cases, and the number of litigation cases handled by the Firm, as well.

We handle these cases in cooperation with our associated attorneys at law specialized in IP-related cases. In particular, the number of IP-related searches and legal advice, which are served to our clients before commercialization of their products, are being drastically increased.
08.High Evaluation Services in Design Field
Mr. Noboru Fujimoto, the founder of the Firm and the representative patent attorney, is the leading person as a design specialist in Japan, and is recognized as a top patent attorney in Japan for his experiences and achievements in providing design application strategy, dealing with infringement disputes based on design rights, and providing formal opinions on possible infringement. Nets Co., Ltd. also has design search specialists having rich experiences in infringement, clearance searches in the design field.
09.Providing Worldwide IP-Related Services
Patent attorneys specialized in international IP-related fields and having rich experiences and achievements work for our International Group, and provide the international clients with services in cooperation with associated IP law firms (currently over 125 firms) in various countries and regions, aiming at smooth and accurate prosecution of the patent, design and trademark applications, and proposing effective imitation goods preventive measures tailored to each client's conditions.

Nets Co., Ltd. also conducts IP searches based on their worldwide search network, which contributes to the risk management for our clients in various countries and regions.
10.Provision of Services based on Tight Communication with the Clients, and Firm's Active Approaches to the Clients
We first grasp deep understanding of the strategic position of the IP assets in clients' business management, business strategy, etc., and perform our services in tight communication with our clients from the technology and product development stage.

Patent attorneys of Fujimoto & Partners and searchers of Nets Co., Ltd. make unique proposals to our clients for enlightenment of intellectual property rights and discovery of inventions, patent searching, development of patent filing strategy, etc. This approach allows our patent attorneys and patent searchers to work together with our clients from the technology or product development stage, during which we can more efficiently and effectively establish technology or design protection strategies jointly with our clients. As a result, we enjoy high reputation among domestic and international clients.